PPH System


The highly resistant system offers numerous fields of application in industries. High stress fracture, pressure, abrasion, corrosion and temperature resistance are only some of the advantageous characteristic properties for the durable polypropylene system. Its fi ne, homogeneous material structure furthermore offers outstanding weld ability and low heat distortion.


Material : ß Polypropylene Homo polymer

Colour: Pebble Grey

Temperature rating : From 0°C to100 °C

Pipe : DIN 8077, SDR 11 / SDR 17.6, PN 10 / PN 16

Butt Fusion Fittings : DVS 2207 Part 11, SDR 11 / SDR 17.6, PN 10 / PN 16

Socket Fusion Fittings : DIN 16962, EN ISO 15494

Flanges : Flange Hole Patterns - ANSI B16.5 / DIN8063-DIN2501 drilled PN10/16

Range : d 16 to d 500

Main Advantages

  • High operational temperature range and ensuring outstanding chemical resistance, high abrasion resistance and high impact strength values
  • Low weight, low density, minimum internal stresses and an excellent smooth internal surface with high finish quality

Main Applications

  • Chemical Process Industry
  • High Purity Water treatment plants
  • Clean Water in Microelectronics
  • Metal Treatment and picking application